Karl Lagerfeld Parisian Boutique

by  on September 29, 2012

Living fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is about to open up his own concept boutique. Encompassing all of his brands, Lagerfeld unleashes a store presented Karl vision and we want a ticket to ride. 

Welcome to Karl World Paris, The Most Fashionable Store on Earth

Karl Lagerfled’s upcoming boutique in Paris is the equivalent of Disney World to fashion lovers. To be located in the Left Bank of Paris (hopefully far away from Zadig + Voltaire’s racist hotel), his concept store will sell all labels under Mr. Lagerfeld’s ever so expansive influence. Showcasing the “world of Karl”, the boutique expects to open next February.

Nowhere else would appreciate Lagerfeld like Paris does. Karl has already released two labels this year; the Karl label and the premium Karl Lagerfeld Paris collection. The store is going to be (of course) black and white and will consist of two-levels of Karl. Featuring items personally selected by the designer, the store will showcase Karl’s multifaceted talents such photography and design.

The world of Karl is definitely a place we’d consider living inside. Considering our favorite colors are black and white and our overall obsession with Choupette, the new concept store is one we hope he decides to make more of. New York could always use a little more Karl.

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