Vogue Can't Keep True To Health Initiative

by  on September 25, 2012

It seems like just yesterday that after fashion magazines were under intense scrutiny about using underage models and photoshop to alter their images that Vogue created their Health Initiative. Turns out, it didn’t last long because it appears as if the mag has already used underage models not once, but twice already. 

The Vogue Health Initiative stated back in May that they would, “not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.” Unfortunately for Vogue it looks like they may have to start eating their words. In the 4 months since the Vogue Health Initiative was released, the fashion mag has already broken its own rule not once, but twice.

Vogue Breaks its Health Initiative for the Second Time Already

15 year old Ondria Hardin in Vogue China

The first fashion faux pas came way via American Model Ondria Hardin who was just 15 years old when she was shot for Vogue China’s August issue. The young model has been in the business since she was thirteen and has already starred in Prada  campaigns, walked for Marc Jacobs after she turned 14, and then last February walked for big names such as ThakoonMarchesa , and Oscar De La Renta .

Vogue Breaks its Health Initiative for the Second Time Already

14-year old Thairine Garcia in Harper’s Bazaar Brazil

The second offense occurred in the form of 14 year old Thairine Garcia. The young model who turns 15 in December, just modeled for an editorial to be published in Vogue Japan ‘s December issue. The pledge stated that the 16 or under rule would apply to all 19 international editions of the magazine and it appears as if two should already be placed on parole.

Although Vogue may have had a loophole through all this nonsense. In the Health Initiative, they stated that they would not “knowingly” work with models who are under 16. Unfortunately, Garcia and Hardin are two of the hardest working underagers in the biz. So as luck would have it, Vogue should be aware that they’re blatantly breaking their newly established rules.

So in an overall disappointing outcome, the Vogue Health Initiative proves to do nothing more than it stated. Initiate. Following through is another story.

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