Tax Free Week At Local Boutique

Apr 11, 2012 9:00 AM

April 15 (the date we're all dreading) is rapidly approaching. Thatʼs right, taxes are due at the end of the week and we havenʼt started ours either. Luckily, thereʼs one retailer in the Gold Coast thatʼs giving us a break from this whole pesky tax thing altogether. Sarca is letting all shoppers score a 9.5% discount on the entire store from now through Saturday, April 14, and that's way more forgiving than the IRS. We canʼt imagine anything better than spending our returns on tax-free designer clothing like Vivienne Westwood and Missoni. Can you? So, at least for couple of days, we can pretend we live in a sales-tax free state and purchase those coveted designers for the actual price thatʼs on the tag. Enjoy. 
Sarca, 710 North Wabash Avenue (at HuronStreet); 312-255-0900. 


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