Reverse Photoshop Becomes Photo Editing Trend

by  on September 26, 2012

It’s no secret that many magazines photoshop the hell out of already skinny super models, but is it possible that editors are using photoshop to make models appear healthier? Karlie Kloss is the latest victim of this phenomenon in her racy topless shoot for Numéro.

Karlie Kloss Suffers From a Case of Reverse Photoshop

There’s a pretty big difference between the photo that photographer Greg Kadel released of Karlie Kloss’sNuméro photo shoot and the final version that’s going to be printed in the magazine. For one, Karlie’s missing her ribs.

Karlie’s bangin’ bod created a controversy when a nude photo of her was removed from Vogue Italia’swebsite, but apparently the supermodel’s frame was a little too bony for Numéro’s taste. The difference between the two photos is drastic. Karlie is missing all of her rib definition and has no sternum in the photoshopped final image.

Karlie Kloss Suffers From a Case of Reverse Photoshop

The nude photo of Karlie Kloss that was taken down from Vogue Italia’s website

With the industry under high scrutiny for using underage models or using models who appear as if they have eating disorders, we’re wondering if the mag was trying to avoid scrutiny. But instead, they’ve just drawn more attention to the issue by trying to hide from it.

With Vogue’s Health Initiative already debunked, it seems as if the industry keeps skirting around the issue. Photoshop and body image are pressing issues that permeate the media and are especially prevalent in the fashion industry. While Lady Gaga gets slammed by the media for gaining 25 lbs, Jessica Simpson’s post-baby weight is an issue that makes the cover of a gossip rag at least once a week.

Weight and body image will stop being an issue when women finally stop worrying about it, which will be never. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is not one that always promotes the healthiest body image. With photoshop making models look skinnier or healthier, the industry is currently in flux as to what is acceptable.

The question is left to you, dear Indies. Do you believe that the industry will ever change? Or will it perpetually be a metaphorical bad ex-boyfriend that says they will change, but keeps cheating on you instead. The end result is yet to be seen.

If you think Karlie Kloss’s body is bangin’ then you’re going to be more jealous when you discover that she supplements her diet with baking cookies for Momofuku Milk Bar.

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