Luxury Brand Creates $290 Lunch Sack

by  on August 28, 2012

And no, not the bag they give you after you buy something from the boutique. Designer Jil Sander is selling a physical paper bag with her name on it for $290. In fashion we have officially run out of things to glamorify, so we have resorted to making your sixth grader’s lunch 1,000 more times fabulous than that kid with the Hello Kitty lunch box. 

Would You Pay $290 For A Paper Lunch Bag by Jill Sander?

Warning, this is not a test. Designer Jil Sander is selling a paper bag that retails for a whopping $290. We’re pretty sure that even if we bought 1,000 average paper bags and foiled them with 24 carat gold, that they still wouldn’t be worth the hefty sum that the German designer is expecting.

From her Fall 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection, Jil Sander has released the medium Vasari bag in brown. According to the product description, the bag has “a long rectangular silhouette and is crafted from coated paper, features the words ‘Jil Sander’ printed in black at the bottom of the front panel” and has “visible brown stitched seams at each side with two gold coloured metal eyelets at the bottom”.

And apparently some people have run out of places to spend their money because the Vasari bag is currently sold out. So someone have one of those rich b*stards pack us up a lunchtime snack stat. With extra foie gras and caviar, please. Oh, and hold the lobster. Does anyone else see the irony in this?

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