Gender Gap in the Publishing Industry

by  on October 1, 2012

Just when you think the “glass ceiling” was a thing of the past, Folio magazine’s annual compensation survey has found that on the average, female editors make $15,000 less than their male counterparts

Gender Gap in the Publishing Industry: Female Editors Make $15,000 Less than Male Editors

In a survey of 513 editors, Folio magazine is reporting that on the average male editors make $100,800 a year compared to female editors who only make $85,100. Overall, that’s a $15,000 gap.

So maybe it’s safe to say that our dreams of being the next Anna Wintour are a little different than once imagined. The survey went on to say that there was still a feasible gap in-between male and female executive editors. The difference was that men with the title were paid $84,200 while women were paid $64,700. And when we continue down the food chain, male managing editors are making $5,000 more than female ones.

The gender gap is unfortunately something that we are used to. The magazine went on to say that the gap has been “about the same” and reflects the publishing industry overall. While Jezebel muses about how us women might as well go the eat ice cream out of the container or do something else passive aggressive, we’re wondering if like the fashion industry in general, the gender gap will ever change.

Part of the argument lies in the type of news that females stereotypically report being considered less important than traditional news sources, which men tend to be the head of. Women are unfortunately subjected to reporting on celebrity gossip and beauty trends and it causes a stir when female interest magazines report on hard-hitting topics like politics.

So what do you think Indies, is this news surprising? Or is it just easier for females to break into the publishing biz at a fashion angle as opposed to politics or world news? Do we deserve the pay cut? Sound off in the comments.

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