Chris Brown's Ignorant Tattoo Sparks Controversy

by  on September 11, 2012

As if Chris Brown isn’t offensive enough to us, he just debuted a new tattoo of a woman’s banged up face that’s on his neck. Oh no he didn’t. 

Oh No He Didnt: Chris Brown Gets a Neck Tattoo of a Battered Woman

That’s right, 23-year old singer Chris Brown who is more famous for giving a beating to his ex-girlfriendRihanna than he is for his music, got the most offensive tattoo we can think of. An image of a woman with half a battered face.

It’s like neck tattoos are pretty offensive to begin with, but its irritating to see a public figure flaunt the fact that he has a known flair for domestic abuse. After the scandal, Chris Brown somehow managed to resuscitate his dying career and came back from the grave, with a VMA none the less.

But for some reason this trashy-ass motherf*cker thinks that everything is forgotten and decides to pay an homage to his ex in the most permanent fashion. With a tattoo. What is wrong with the world.

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