Being A Lesbian is Hot For Fall

by  on August 30, 2012

Because apparently some people think that being gay is trendy instead of a lifestyle. In a confusing and slightly offensive statement, named “Lesbian Chic” a major trend for fall and we’re trying to pin-point when their editor approved the less-than-appropriate word choice. Names Lesbian Chic a Trend for Fall

In an article for author Maya Singer named off the major trends for fall before the dreaded and anticipated launch of New York Fashion Week. These included; print overload, Marc Jacobs’ furry pimp hats, and “Lesbian Chic”.

First off, we knew plenty of chic lesbians before decided to name it a trend and besides has there ever been a specifically gay aesthetic? Granted, the tomboy has been popular for the past twenty years or so, but not all lesbians dress this way.

Singer uses the fact that some female same-sex model couples married their partners and a recent phenomenon of New York high-society ladies ditching their men in favor of dating women to justify “lesbian chic” as a trend.

She begins the article with, “Lesbians! They’re everywhere.”

Um, yeah they aren’t an endangered species. We’re pretty sure they’ve always been around. Why is this a trend again? Substituting stilettos for combat boots is not a exclusively gay thing to do. Plenty of straight woman follow the trend and the fact that it’s more acceptable now is because as a society we are becoming more casual. Not just because there was an influx of lesbianism. Did she just wake up from the 1950′s or are we just experiencing culture shock here.

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