Balenciaga Suits Smaller

by  on October 9, 2012

Unfortunately for most fashion brands, bigger sizes means less fashionable. And with Nicholas Ghesquière and his fashion house Balenciaga, he is admitting to starting out “very skinny” and not cutting clothes on a traditional fit model. 

Balenciaga Admits to Cutting Clothes to Only Suit Smaller Sized Customers

Creative director Nicholas Ghesquière is well known for the leaner silhouettes that he brought to his brandBalenciaga. Now he is admitting to Style Magazine that he did not cut his garments on fit models, but on very skinny models at his studio.

The reason many designers use fit models is so that the cut of the garment will look the same no matter whether the customer is a size 2 or 10. Unfortunately for Nicholas Ghesquière, he is admitting that his company started off “very skinny” when it came to the slim-cut tailoring that he is known for bringing to the brand.

Ghesquière elaborates, “I had a tendency to think good cut and small size, but it should be a good cut in big sizes, too. That’s what I want to focus on – it’s the cut, not the sizing, and if people see they can wear something in a big size, then I did my job.”

Unfortunately the largest size offered on the website that the brand has to offer is a UK 12 which translates to a US size 10 and we’re going to guess that his sizes run small. Looks like to fit into this brand we’ll all have to be doing a little extra cardio and skimping on the carbs. In that case, how does Kristen Stewart do it?

If you’re plus sized, then you shouldn’t have to worry about Balenciaga anymore. Thanks to Adele, the British label Burberry is creating their first ever plus-sized line.

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