H&M Designer Collaborations, Worth It?

by  on October 25, 2012

Normally the day a H&M collaboration line debuts in store, you can find the entire collection on eBay. Now for the first time those that were privileged to pre-shop the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M line are looking to make a quick buck and are reselling their items early, but for three times the retail price.

Are Discount Designer Collaboration Lines Even Worth it?

You know the drill. Pull an all-nighter or sleep on the ground outside of H&M to catch a glimpse of the latest H&M designer collaboration. This time around the Swedish retailer is collaborating with avant garde designer Maison Martin MargielaBut what’s different this season is that even though we are at least two weeks away from the November 19 release date, 67 of the MMM x H&M items are already listed on eBay

The line which retails respectively for $39.95 for a body suit and $149 for a horizontal dress is being priced for three times the value online. Making the asking price for a piece from the collaboration more expensive than the designer label itself. So it makes us wonder, is it even worth it?

If a collection sells out within hours and then transitions to selling platforms like eBay immediately, what is even the point of pricing down the collection in the first place? As past collaborations have shown, unless you are an industry insider with the ability to purchase via presale or a maniac willing to sleep outside of the store on the release day, the collaboration lines are nearly unattainable.

Past H&M collaborations including VersaceMarni, and Jimmy Choo appeared on eBay the day of the launch, but this is the first time the line has reached the site before the release. Granted this collection is one of the most highly anticipated collaborations yet and even we are considering joining the masses to scramble and scratch our way to nab one of the glove clutches for ourselves. But in the end is it worth it?

Sound off in the comments. Will you be one of the early-birds outside of H&M  on November 19th or one of the financially blessed who purchase it for 3x the price next day on eBay? The choice is yours.

Check out the full advertising campaign for the collection here and see if that sways you to make the extra effort to purchase a piece of the collection.

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